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Ignorance is The Only True “Privilege”

4/5 of the American public are hypochondriacs that are privileged enough to live unhealthy lifestyles without any immediate negative consequences…

…While insisting the opposite will happen to everyone else – from that exact position of ignorance-as-fact – because the elite 1% they claim they’re helping us take the world back from, told them so via the news outlets they also control.

Do not use the word cognitive dissonance, as that has had less meaning than ever before: it’s literal straight rational contradiction (or “psychological fucking larceny”, as I like to call it).

This has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with the consensus, manufactured timeline reality we’re occupying in 2021, where maximum irrationality = an enlightened, progressive political position.

The least-aware are always the first to accuse everyone else of “privilege”, because their entire state of low-consciousness is based around projecting the worst, least-capable parts of their own psychology-as-fact for everyone and everything in their field of perception, with no hint of irony at all.

The line between arrogance and awake is more indiscernible (and profitable!) than ever before, and this group will show you precisely where not to step via their collective fallacies-as-facts.

This unique blend of somehow solipsistic – yet also simultaneously collectivist – ideology is a more common excuse for “daily consciousness” (or lack of it) than anything else in this world right now.

It’s the foundational underpinning of the most understated, overlooked aspects of basic psychology being used to exploit the the very groups of people least-aware of this fact. It’s the absolute perfect bullshit feedback loop whereby the people that feel they have a right to complain are merely reinforcing exactly what they’re complaining about.

This requires startling low levels of self-awareness in order to perpetuate, and those with eyes and hearts to see can attest to how exhausting it is to be told by people exemplifying low consciousness that you are indeed guilty of everything they themselves lack; typically self-control, basic awareness, and the ability to accept conceptual consistency (reason) as an answer for things you personally disagree with.

There are methods for dispelling such bullshit-madness, and I plan to divulge some higher level psychological strategy for navigating what myself and my colleagues have jokingly (yet accurately) labeled The Matrix Control System (TM).

TMCS is the embodiment of all the backwards psychology, philosophy, and “education” (indoctrination and propaganda) which underpins modern society, which modern society acquiesces to, while also complaining about.

Many of you have a strong enough spiritual immune system, in which your sense of intuition and awareness hasn’t been completely propagandized out of you via TMCS. This intuition is like a muscle-compass, pointing you towards non-contradiction 24/7. The stronger it gets, the more apparent bullshit becomes.

We are going to learn how to strengthen and revive and use this muscle daily to take back our awareness and return it to its full and rightful strength.

You begin using your consciousness to transcend the very limitations of itself, instead of insulating your awareness by denying it, and exemplifying existential contradiction like the masses.

Life then transforms from a prison of self-imposed limitations – to a playground/gym for personal growth and progress – as you enter a completely new arena that the majority of humans are sleepwalking through on a daily basis.

I’m here to help deliver and assist with those tools for those ready for that type of workout.

Stay rational, stay sane,

-Loaded Shaman

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Loaded Shaman

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