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Hello & Welcome!

Loaded Shaman here!

Yes, that Loaded Shaman.

If you’ve been linked here from Shroomery, Reddit, Etc. – yes, it’s me.

The bullshit on some of those main sites is getting a little too thick and unreasonable at this point in the timeline.

This website is a dedicated space to discussing consciousness, and particularly the expansion of it.

Consciousness is the key; the single thread tying together everything from mundane daily routine experiences – to things such as entheogenic trips, sleep paralysis/alien abduction/UFO, general paranormal activity, etc.

There are very, very few reliable resources that connect the state of the individual’s present level of consciousness awareness to these phenomena.

By approaching these topics in an unbiased manner, we spare ourselves any prejudice (to literally pre-judge) or bias which my taint our research via unconscious predisposed expectation.

This is called reason – that is, conceptual consistency – no matter how psychologically unnerving maintaining intellectual honesty is.

By becoming aware of biases, you start to see how the world is plagued with them, and how few people give a shit about theirs as long as they get what they want, and can pretend to fool themselves into feeling good, right, and superior about that.

There are no shortage of people that want their cake and to eat it too, while crossing all sorts of irrational lines and calling it an explanation. It’s not. It’s bullshit and this site will show you how to see through and destroy dense minds and moods that perpetuate said bullshit in one simple step.

We will talk plenty about what I call “Unconscious Bullshit Traps” people are guilty of perpetuating “as arguments” for absolutely asinine bullshit while having absolutely no idea what they’re actually saying or doing, because they’re not actually thinking – even if they insist they are – and you can prove it and piss them off in spades simultaneously!

Sit tight, bookmark, etc. – there’s some seriously good shit coming shortly.

Stay rational, stay sane.

-Loaded Shaman

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Loaded Shaman

3 replies

  1. I was wondering where the rest of the blog was then saw this post today.

    So uhh… Obligatory… First!

    Also, totally vibing with what you have to say here removing bias is the first part of shadow work. Looking forward to future posts.

    1. Hey Karri0n! You beat me to the comments as I was setting them up, lol! Great to have you here and thank you for the kind words! It sounds like you’re primed for exactly the content I plan on posting. If you’re from Shroomery/Reddit and want to go into detail on something, email me at !

  2. Hey guys! Just making sure comments display correctly. Feel free to start a conversation here; please be warned, any obvious trolling or BS will not be taken lightly. This is not reddit and I’m not insta-banning dissenting opinions, but I will absolutely not tolerate bullshit arguments-as-answers with no rational defense because dogma and you’re racist, etc.

    Play nice!

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